Videos Are an Incredibly Effective Marketing Tool

It was found in a recent study that 85% if people that visit a company’s website are more likely to buy their products or services if they have a video on that site. This is accomplished with a video that is attention grabbing, visually appealing and informative. The way to make sure your video is all of these things is to have a design team that specializes in commercial video production.

What Qualities Should a Commercial Video Have?

There are some key aspects that a sales video should have in order to be a successful sales tool to implement for your business.

  • Don’t waste the viewers time – People online have a short attention span and if your video isn’t able to hold their attention it is likely they will stop watching it within just a few minutes. You also can’t overload them with information. You can’t tell them everything in a short video so it is important to highlight the things you feel will be likely to influence their decision to give you their business.
  • Leave nothing unanswered – Your video should be able to answer any questions a viewer may have about your products or services before they have a chance to ask them. By paying attention to a customers frequently asked questions you can leave them with a feeling of being well informed.
  • Tell them about the benefits – A video has to do more than just show off the features and details of your products or services. It has to highlight what is in it for them if they decide to utilize them. Give the viewer a sense of emotion and tell them what advantages they will get by doing business with you.

Have an Experienced Design Team Work for You

Epic Video Factory has assembled a team of incredibly talented and creative individuals. They know what is needed for a video to be able to help a company grow and become a success. Contact them today and find out what they can do for you.

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