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Weathervanes From Maryland for Decorative and Functional Purposes

Weathervanes indicate which direction the wind is blowing. A makeshift device could just be a piece of ribbon tied to a high tree branch or tall pole, but most people want something more decorative. They can browse the many designs available and order one from an online retailer for their convenience.

Traditionally, a rooster standing above the directional arrow has been the most common design for this equipment. The Catholic Church recognized this bird as the symbol for St. Peter, since Jesus had predicted this disciple would deny knowing him three times before the rooster crowed. Although this might be seen as a negative symbol, the Church and Christians embraced it as St. Peter’s emblem and began using it for weathervanes. For a time, many centuries ago, there even was a rule that Catholic churches must use a weathervane with a rooster on top of the steeple.

People might wonder whether the devices actually have any practical value. Why does anyone need to know which way the wind is blowing? Today, nearly everyone is accustomed to having access to meteorology forecasts. They don’t stop to think about how ordinary folks predicted weather before they had radio and TV news.

For instance, if the wind shifts to the south, people can expect warmer weather. In contrast, a shift to the north indicates cooler temperatures are on the horizon. An increase in wind speed, as well as direction, can warn of an impending storm.

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