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Wedding Chuppahs in Maui Can Be Rented from Party and Event Companies

In Jewish tradition, a chuppah is a wedding canopy. Chuppah means covering in Hebrew. This ceremonial cloth is usually made of velvet or silk and is designed in a square. Four staves support the canopy. The canopy, when featured in a wedding ceremony, represents the home that a couple wishes to establish.

Why Chuppahs Are Important

When wedding chuppahs in Maui are featured in Jewish wedding ceremonies, they can be likened to a public proclamation – a proclamation that signifies that the couple is now bonded as husband and wife. Therefore, you really cannot hold a wedding without a chuppah.

At one time, wedding chuppahs were draped around the couple getting married. However, with the progression of time, chuppahs began to be spread across the heads. This covering—a symbol of Jewish art—must be displayed to the best advantage. Therefore, a good amount of attention is devoted to renting these coverings.

The Ceremonial Meaning

Most often, wedding chuppahs at Jewish wedding ceremonies are displayed outside – beneath the stars, with the wish that the couple will be blessed with many children. This corresponds with the blessing that was given to Abraham. The blessing from God to Abraham promised that Abraham would have as many descendants as there were stars in the sky.

Whether you hold your wedding inside or outside, you can add a chuppah. Some wedding halls or synagogues feature a skylight that can be opened, thus permitting the chuppah to be positioned under the sky.

Learn More about Renting a Chuppah Today

Would you like to know more about the chuppahs available for rent? If so, contact us today for all the details. You need to make sure that the party rental company you use for accessories and furnishings provides a comprehensive selection of items for both weddings and wedding receptions. Why should you go to separate vendors when renting furnishings? Keep it simple by going to one all-inclusive provider.

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