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What are the options for posting bail?

The justice system is such that there is a lag between the time someone is arrested and charged with a crime and the time when the accused goes to trial. In the interim there are really only two choices; sit in a cell or seek out bail bond services in Rancho Cucamonga CA.

The basics of bail:

In the majority of cases the accused will be released from jail in exchange for money, property or a personal promise to return and face the court. If the accused follows through with his or her pledge and does return for hearings, the bail is returned at the conclusion of the case. Regardless of whether the individual is found innocent or guilty, that which was put up for bail is returned.

How much is bail?

Bail is not meant to be punishment but on the other hand it must be set high enough to convince the accused to appear as required. If the accused does not appear the court keeps the bail and in most cases issues an arrest warrant.

The amount of bail that is set by the judge varies, it depends a great deal on the jurisdiction as well as:

  • The crime

  • The criminal record of the accused

  • The likelihood of the accused jumping bail, and

  • The financial resources of the accused

Bail bond services:

In many cases the bail that is set is beyond the financial capabilities of the accused. In cases such as this, the accused with turn to those that offer bail bond services in Rancho Cucamonga CA. A bail bond is a contract between the bondsman, the court and the accused.

In the event the accused does not appear as specified the bondsman is obliged to pay the court the amount set as bail.

In exchange for posting bail on behalf of the accused, a non-refundable fee which is on top of the bond amount is charged. This arrangement allows the accused to leave jail for far less than the bail amount, the cost of this freedom is the fee.

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