What Can Patients Expect From Their First Appointment With the Chiropractor in Fort Collins CO? Aug11


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What Can Patients Expect From Their First Appointment With the Chiropractor in Fort Collins CO?

Most people visit a chiropractor when they are experiencing pain in their soft tissues or joints. Common reasons for visiting a chiropractor include headaches, back pain, neck pain, and arthritis. Those who are not accustomed to visiting a Chiropractor in Fort Collins, CO, may feel a little nervous when it comes time to schedule an appointment. Through this information, people can be fully prepared to seek treatment because they will know what to expect.

When a patient first visits the Chiropractor in Fort Collins, CO, they will be asked to fill out a patient health history form. This form allows the doctor to be made aware of any past or present medical conditions that could be contributing to the patient’s painful condition. The chiropractor will also ask the patient to list their current symptoms so they can be fully investigated to find the source of pain so it can be properly treated.

Examining the patient and working with their health history helps to ensure the doctor will be able to find the cause of the person’s pain and mobility concerns. If the doctor does not feel chiropractic care will be beneficial for the patient, they will be sent to the appropriate medical professional. If the doctor believes chiropractic will benefit the patient, treatment will begin.

Chiropractic treatment first involves preparing the muscles through heat and massage. These treatments relax stiff muscles so the chiropractic adjustments will be fully successful in moving the joints back into their natural positions. For many, this immediately relieves pain. Ongoing adjustments will allow the doctor to keep the patient’s musculoskeletal system in the right working order.

Treatments will typically need to be carried out a few times a week until the injury begins to heal. Once the chiropractor feels the area being treated is stable, monthly adjustments will be recommended to ensure the patient’s body is kept pain-free.

Chiropractic care can benefit the health of the body in many ways. If you have never experienced these treatments, think of visiting a chiropractor in Fort Collins Co, and schedule a consultation so you can find pain relief.

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