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What Can You Expect From Teeth Cleaning in Lusby MD?

One of the most important reasons a person sees their dentist for is teeth cleaning in Lusby MD. Teeth cleaning allows a person’s teeth to be carefully cleaned so they no longer have tartar and plaque in place. Even those who carefully brush will find they miss places that are hard to reach. If these places are left alone, they are prone to develop decay, which can quickly spread to other teeth.

When a patient comes in for teeth cleaning in Lusby MD, their teeth will first be carefully checked by the dental hygienist to make sure there are no immediate concerns that would make the cleaning process risky. Once the teeth have been checked, the hygienist will use special tools to remove the hardened tartar that is on the teeth. Once tartar has developed, brushing alone cannot remove it.

The hygienist will use special cleaning tools to remove all of the plaque, tartar, and biofilm so the teeth are clean. They will also floss the teeth to remove plaque between them. This is important so the plaque is not pushed under the gum tissue, leading to gum infections.

Cleaning the teeth and gums is crucial to avoid the threat of decay. It also allows the dentist to be able to better see the teeth so they can determine if there are any cavities present. Once the teeth cleaning has commenced, the dentist will then examine the teeth and take X-ray films to ensure there are no oral health concerns that need to be addressed.

Before the patient leaves, their teeth will be treated with a strong Fluoride treatment that is spread over the teeth. This protects the enamel and makes it stronger. It also helps to prevent decay. It is important a person does not eat or drink for at least thirty minutes after treatment.

If you are in need of teeth cleaning services, Contact us. With preventative care, you can rest assured your smile will be protected. It is important to see the dentist twice a year, or as often as recommended by the dentist. Call today so your appointment can be scheduled right away.

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