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What Do You Learn in Preschool?

When you send your child to a preschool in Maplewood, NJ, you are providing them with a solid foundation that is going to help them when they get to kindergarten and beyond. The children will learn a wide range of things while they are attending the school. Let’s look at a few of the areas where your children can improve their knowledge.

First, there are the basic, practical life exercises that help your child to become more independent and capable. The teachers can also help with exercises that will promote concentration, and to develop a friendly, helping child. Children will begin to improve their coordination; they will learn the basics of personal care, and how to care for their environment. These are the basic life functions that are going to help them at home and throughout their life.

Preschool age children will also work with a range of sensory materials, which will help them to know what they are seeing and to learn more about the world around them. They learn colors, shapes, texture, size, sound, and much more when they are part of a quality program. This is the foundation for all the learning to come.

Children will start to learn their letters and the way that those letters sound, which will help them immensely when it comes to their later schooling. They will also start to learn how to match words and pictures. Even the basics of math, such as learning to count, can be taught at this age. The little ones will learn more about science and how the world around them works, along with plenty of time for art and play.

Of course, socialization is also extremely important at this age. Children will learn how to interact with one another, to create friendships and more. Even at this age, they can start to learn how a classroom works and what will be expected of them.

Choose the Right School

When you are choosing a preschool in Maplewood, NJ such as Alpine Montessori for your child, it is always important to check their curriculum to see exactly what they will be doing and learning each day. You want to find a school that is a safe and welcoming place for your child, and that begins to teach the basics of your preschooler needs to succeed when they go to kindergarten and beyond.

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