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What Does a Homeowners Insurance Policy in Goodyear, AZ, Cover?

Homeowners insurance is not required by law, but it provides you a safety net in case of personal injury or property damage You pay for the cost of injury or damages with your premiums. It helps to know what a homeowners insurance policy in Goodyear, AZ, covers.

Dwelling and Other Structures

Most homeowners insurance policies may cover several areas: your dwelling, other structure, liability, belongings, and additional living expenses. Dwelling covers the foundation, walls and roof in cases of fire or storm damage.

Some policies may extend 10% of this coverage to detached buildings, such as sheds and gazebos. You can get covered for up to 5% of damages to plants or trees, but you commonly need a separate policy to cover earthquakes or flooding.

Personal Belongings

Some policies include up to 50% coverage for damage or theft of personal belongings, even off-premises or overseas. However, it does not cover things damaged by owner negligence or misuse. Valuables, such as furs and jewelry, commonly have limited coverage for theft, but you can add extra protection above policy limits.

Liability and Additional Living Expenses

Liability covers personal injury or damage to property you did not cause, such as a slip and fall or tree damage. It also covers medical bills and legal fees, if you go to court.

If you can not live in the home after damages, the ALE portion of the policy pays for hotel and food bills. This portion of the policy typically covers ALE up to 20% and has time limits.

When you look for a homeowners insurance policy in Goodyear, AZ, you need one that fits your situation. Compare quotes from at least three insurance providers, so you get the best deal.

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