What is a Biomedical Equipment Technician? Mar31


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What is a Biomedical Equipment Technician?

Biomedical equipment is often held to the highest standards. Given how vital these machines are to diagnosing conditions and treating patients, it’s important that these are kept good working order. If the equipment starts to show signs of problems and issues, a biomedical equipment technician will be called in for repairs.

What is a biomedical equipment technician?

Also known as medical equipment repairers, these technicians can work on machines as simple as electric wheelchairs or they might be called upon to fix a CAT scanner. They keep the equipment from breaking down, fixing problems that would otherwise put patient lives at risk.

What do they do?

These technicians repair any medical equipment. They ensure everything is in proper working condition, from the gurneys to the diagnostic equipment. If any glitches happen, they are there to ensure those glitches are found, assessed, and resolved. Along with repairs, these technicians also provide maintenance services. They run diagnostic tests on the equipment and check them regularly for any signs that machine might be failing or not. This way, they keep the machines running smoothly and hitch-free, for as long as possible, says The Balance. In some cases, technicians undergo hemodialysis training to provide better service to their patients.

How valuable are they?

Faulty equipment could put patients’ lives at risk and lead to expensive malpractice suits. By keeping a health care facility’s equipment in top form, the facility can provide patients with optimum care and treatment. They also lower the possibility of medical malpractice suits from happening, which could cost thousands in payout expenses. With the help of an experienced biomedical equipment technician, healthcare facilities can stay on budget and save up on equipment costs. Given how expensive these machines are, a qualified technician can do much-needed repairs so hospitals won’t have to pay for a new equipment any time soon.

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