What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift operation raises and reshapes the breast by removing excess skin, fat, and tissue. While it does not necessarily change the size of your breast, it does have an impact on appearance. Once complete, you are left with a perkier and youthful chest for many years to come. If you desire a breast lift in Naperville, IL, make sure you know what to expect.

Candidates for a Breast Lift

Breast sagging can be a result of a myriad of things. Aging, pregnancy and hereditary issues are common causes of drooping. Over time, the skin loses elasticity and its youthful shape. Those patients that want to gain back the years and lift their breasts would benefit with a lift. The patient should be otherwise healthy and able-bodied in order to take on the procedure.

Preparing for the Breast Lift

You will be required to make any necessary medical consultations and evaluations before surgery. You will need to stop smoking and let your doctor know of any medications you take. Most medical facilities will require you to give the information of who will be helping you and taking you home following the procedure. Make sure you have talked with your friend or family member before the initial consult.

Recovery Time

After breast lift surgery, you will have to wear a supportive bra or bandages around the chest area. You will be given additional information and advice from your doctor on how to care for your new breasts in the following weeks. Results vary from person to person, so different medications may be needed depending on the situation. If you have any questions resulting from the operation, this would be the perfect time to ask.

Over the coming weeks and months, your breast will settle, and the final results will show off your new and desired shape.

If you need a breast lift in Naperville, IL, contact Center For Cosmetic & Laser Surgery.

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