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What Is a Wrongful Death in Rhode Island, and How Do Get Help for It?

You may qualify to hire a wrongful death attorney in Rhode Island if you’ve recently lost someone in your family. An array of accidents and situations can qualify the death of a person as wrongful death. These are some of the occurrences:

A Car Accident

You may have the right to hire a wrongful death attorney in Rhode Island if you lose your beloved family member in a car accident. Extremely neglectful car accidents may qualify as wrongful death incidents. For example, you could be eligible if your family member died because of a drunk driver.

Medical Malpractice

A medical malpractice situation is a common reason that people file wrongful death lawsuits, as well. You may qualify if your loved one died because of the neglect of a medical service provider. One example of such an incident is if your relative was given a medication to which he or she had a severe fatal allergic reaction. Mistakes in a surgical procedure can also make you eligible to receive compensation. It would be wise to discuss the incident with an attorney to see if that person can help.

Product Liability Issues

Product liability issues are problems that occur because of the company’s product. You might be eligible to file a wrongful death claim if someone you love has lost his or her life because of a product that was misrepresented or dangerous. Schedule an appointment with an attorney for a consultation about that product. You might find that you have a case that you didn’t think you had before. You have every right to pursue it.

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