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What is Normalized Steel Plate?

Normalized steel plate is not steel plate that has been made to fit in with other sheets of metal. It is instead a part of the heat treatment and cooling process. Normalizing is done to improve the workability of metal. It improves the structure and homogeneity of the grain and micro-structures, respectively. Steel is normalized so that the amount of stress the metal undergoes is reduced. This has to do with the effects of heating on metal. For example, when building a gear for a machine, it’s important that the size, or any other dimension, doesn’t change during the working or hardening phase.

Normalizing is a slow cooling process, during which the steel is heated beyond its critical point then pulled from the furnace, in order to cool slowly to room temperature by nothing other than the air around it. Historically, it was pulled from the furnace and left near it so it had warm air. Non-ferrous metals, or ones that are iron-based, have to be air-cooled like this, and cannot be quenched in water. Ferrous metals are also known for being susceptible to corrosion to a greater extent than others, which is why the process of creating rust-resistant steels is so important.

Normalized steel plate is steel plate that, in the process of its construction, was super heated and then cooled. The biggest benefit this gives the consumer is that it helps make the steel better for handling work and high heat. Some refer to it as a thermal memory; after having been super heated, the steel will change size and shape less than it would otherwise. Heat can change the dimensions of any material, so it’s important to find a way to make steel handle the effects of heating with less deformation. This makes it easier for a steel company to produce a specific part of steel or shape it without having to fight the material. Normalized steel has superior ductility and tensile strength, which means that it can bend more without breaking and is harder to break in general. These factors all explain why normalized steel plate is highly sought after for various uses, from construction to machine working.

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