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What Services Are Provided At An Animal Hospital In Alpharetta?

In Georgia, animal hospitals and clinics provide vital services for all domestic pets. The services include emergency care, preventative care, and dental assessments. The vet provides annual checkups and exams to create a care plan for each pet. Local Animal Hospitals in Alpharetta improve the health of pets and give them a long and happy life.

Dental Care and Product Suggestions

The vet examines the pet’s teeth and determines if issues exist. The vet provides treatments for tooth damage and gum-related issues. The animal hospital has a variety of products to clean the teeth and break down plaque and tartar. The vet offers pet owners recommendations about popular dental products. They show the pet owner how to brush the pet’s teeth and lower their chances of tooth loss.

Flea and Tick Control

Flea and tick baths aren’t the only defense available to cats and dogs. Flea and tick collars fight off the insects, but the products aren’t successful always. The vet provides prescription medications that treat the pets for the unwanted insects. The protection lasts up to one month and kills the insects on contact. The treatments are available by prescription only, but the medication is more effective than over-the-counter options.

Addressing the Pet’s Nutrition

All pets are weighed and examined by the vet. Pets that gain too much or not enough weight need dietary changes. The vet recommends pet foods and treats that address weight concerns effectively. Select products are available for pets that have developed diabetes or have food allergies.

Treatment for Common Parasites

Ringworm, tapeworms, and mange mites are common parasites that affect a pet’s health. The vet provides a better treatment solution for the conditions. Prescription medications are used to treat ringworms and tapeworms effectively. Mange mites require the vet to provide more extensive treatments such as dips. The sulfur-based solution kills the mites effectively and treats the pet’s skin for irritation.

In Georgia, pet owners turn to veterinarians for immediate pet care. The animal doctors provide recommendations for products that address the pet’s diet and skin conditions. Treatment for parasites is also available. Pet owners who want to schedule an appointment at an Animal Hospital in Alpharetta visit Ahnfc.com right now.

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