What to do While Waiting for a Flood Damage Restoration Service to Arrive Nov24


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What to do While Waiting for a Flood Damage Restoration Service to Arrive

Regardless of whether it was caused by inclement weather, a broken water pipe, or other system malfunction, the devastating results of a flood can leave homeowners in a panic. Unfortunately, there are actions that really should be taken immediately to avoid further damage and ensure that safety of any residents. Knowing how to respond in advance in the event of a flood can help to remove some of the stress from an otherwise difficult situation. Below are some steps to take while waiting for a Flood Damage Restoration Service to arrive, offering much-needed help.

Play it Safe

In the event of a serious flood, structural damage is a main concern. Do not re-enter the house if there are any signs of warping in the walls, loosening of the foundation, or visible cracks and holes anywhere in the structure. Before re-entering to evaluate damage, think about contacting utility companies to have gas, water, and electric lines shut down. Even if this basic safety step has already been taken, it’s still a good idea to turn off all fuse connections at the power box. This will remove the risk of electrocution.

Document the Damage

If it is safe to re-enter the house, make a point of taking pictures before taking steps to remove the water and make repairs. Fully documenting all damage will make it much easier to negotiate with insurance companies.

Call the Insurance Company

This should be done as soon as possible after the disaster occurs. They will likely want to work with homeowners to determine the source of the flood water, as groundwater damage often is not covered by a basic flood policy. They will also want to know what steps are going to be immediately taken to remove the flood water and perform repairs. An agent may give instructions regarding whether or not these repairs can begin before an adjuster inspects the property, so be sure to follow his or her instructions.

All of these steps can usually be taken while waiting for a Flood Damage Restoration Service to arrive. Companies like Black Label Restoration offer professional clean-up services that can restore a home to its previous glory, but insurance companies are much more likely to pay for it if they have proof of damages.You can also visit www.bbb.org listing for reviews and ratings.

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