What To Expect From Ants Control Services In Arlington, VA Jul19


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What To Expect From Ants Control Services In Arlington, VA

In Virginia, ants can become a serious problem for property owners. The insects live in colonies found throughout the property’s exterior. Once a colony is established in the yard, the ants begin looking for food sources. Unfortunately, the insects find the food sources inside the home. A local extermination team provides Ants Control Services in Arlington VA for property owners.

The Origin of the Ant Infestation

The first step in proper extermination services is to identify the origin of the ant infestations. Typically, the ants enter the home around windows or doors. The weatherstripping around the windows or doors could become damaged and provide the right entrance for an ant infestation.

Treating the Property

The pest control service must treat the ants inside the property and find the colony. By inspecting areas around the home, the extermination team can discover the ant colony and kill all ants quickly. The home and the colony are treated with insecticide. All ants exposed to the pesticide track it back into the colony and kill the queen.

Cutting Off Access to Food Sources

The food sources for ants include any water found around sinks, tubs, and showers. The ants also accumulate around garbage and any food that is left out in the kitchen. When managing the infestation, the property owner must follow steps to keep food where ants cannot access it. The garbage must be taken out properly, and all food must be put away. It is necessary to dry out sinks, tubs, and showers after they are used.

Reducing the Chances of New Infestations

The extermination team could provide additional treatments to prevent the ants from re-entering the home. The services keep a barrier of insecticide around the property at all times. The ants won’t enter the home if the barrier remains.

In Virginia, ants enter kitchens most often through broken weatherstripping around doors and windows. The insects accumulate around trash cans as well as sinks and showers. Once a few ants are found, the owner needs fast extermination services to prevent a major infestation. Property owners who want to schedule Ants Control Services in Arlington VA can Click Here for further details.

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