What to Expect From Insect Extermination Services in Maui Aug13


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What to Expect From Insect Extermination Services in Maui

When the spring and summer months come in, homeowners are sometimes inundated with unwanted insect pests. These pests can invade homes and yards and can cause painful bites and stings, not to mention structural damage. When pests invade a homeowner’s property, they need to call the professionals for Insect Extermination Services Maui.

The Biggest Insect Threats

There are many insects that can begin to invade a home and wreak havoc. Although ants are a pain to deal with, they rarely cause any damage, though some types of ants can create a painful bite that leaves behind a lot of itching.

Termites are a big threat to homeowners because they can cause great amounts of structural damage. Termites consume great amounts of wood and when they are in large numbers, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage over a period of years.

Spiders are also an insect threat most homeowners do not want to deal with. Although not all spiders are poisonous, the black widow and brown recluse are so it is important homeowners call the professionals for Insect Extermination Services Maui.

Another insect threat is ticks because they not only bite animals but also humans. Ticks can carry diseases that can make people very ill and can sometimes cause death. If ticks become a problem, prompt intervention is needed so they can be removed from a property.

An Inspection Is Needed

If a homeowner suspects they have an insect problem in their home or landscape, it is essential they call the professionals for an inspection. An inspection of the property can reveal the types of insects that are present so the pest control specialist will know the proper pesticides and tools to use to eliminate the problem.

Pest control specialists can not only get rid of existing insect infestations, they can also treat the home and yard so insects are kept at bay. These barriers can last a few months and then need to be reapplied so continued protection can be offered.

If you would like to learn more about these services, visit bowmantermite.com. Call the office right away and they will be happy to schedule you with your pest control services appointment. You can connect them on Facebook.

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