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What to Know about Bail Bonds Service in Hollywood, Florida

Times may come in the life of an individual where being locked away in jail is occurring, and a bail bonding service will be needed to get out. The bail bonding service is required if the person or someone acting on behalf of the person does not have enough funds to post the entire bail to get out of jail. A Bail Bonds Service in Hollywood Florida is in place to assist those people who find themselves in need of such services. Here are some things that should be understood about the bail bonding process in Florida.

Understanding Bail Bonds in Florida

When a person is in jail and has a bail placed for the person to get out of jail until the court date, a bail bondsman can help the individual by requesting 10 percent of the total amount of the bail. As long as the person shows up for scheduled court dates, all will be well and the bail bonding agent will retain the amount paid for the bail. However, if the individual doesn’t go to court and skips bail, if there was something of value put up for the bonding fee, the bondsman can put a lien on the property.

Understanding More about Bail Bonds in Florida

Even if the bail bond has been posted, if the person was arrested for a DUI, that person cannot be released until the alcohol level has dropped below the offending amount. It is possible for the person who has a warrant out for an arrest to go through a process called “rapid intake,” which is quick and will cause the person little embarrassment. This works if the person is aware of the arrest warrant.

Who to Call in Hollywood, Florida

Many businesses are in Hollywood, Florida offering bail bonding services for individuals in a crisis. 24-Hour ASAP Bail Bonds is one such agency in the Hollywood, Florida area that offers services to people who can’t otherwise post bail. If a person needs a Bail Bonds Service in Hollywood Florida, the agency is available. To get more information, visit the website at Asapbrowardbailbonds.com.

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