What to Know Before You Call DUI Lawyers Close to New Ulm, Minnesota

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never a good idea. Still, in the interest of justice, there are still things drivers should know to do or not do when they are pulled over. If they make a mistake before calling DUI lawyers close to New Ulm, Minnesota, it may be too late.

Pull Over Safely

As soon as the police turn their lights on, they are making observations and mental notes concerning how the driver is reacting. Do not slow down too fast, do not swerve while pulling over, and always make sure to pull over in a safe location. Do not just stop in the middle of the road or pull off onto the median.

Just Stay Put

The last thing an officer wants to do is have a routine traffic stop turn into an unfortunate tragedy. However, these things can and do happen. To avoid this, do not make any sudden movements after the car is turned off. Keep hands on the steering wheel and do not reach into pockets, clothing, or the glovebox until the police officer says to.

Remain Polite

Arguing or acting in an aggressive manner will not go over well with the police officer. By remaining composed and answering questions in a polite manner, the chances of needing DUI lawyers close to New Ulm, Minnesota are greatly reduced. On the same note, answer only what is needed and refrain from lying at all. A lie may be used against the defendant in court. The only thing the person needs to provide in a legal sense is their driver’s license, auto registration, and proof of insurance.

Taking Tests

Field sobriety tests do not have to be taken nor do handheld breathalyzer tests. Both of these are notoriously unreliable but can still be used in a court of law. However, a chemical test at the police station does have to be taken. It is the law. Many lawyers advise taking the chemical breath test as the results can be more easily fought in court.

If someone has found themselves arrested for a DUI offense, they should immediately contact an attorney from Blatzlawminnesota.com. The attorney will do everything in their power to ensure justice prevails.

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