What to Look at When Trying a New BBQ Restaurant in St. Charles, MO Aug23


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What to Look at When Trying a New BBQ Restaurant in St. Charles, MO

Everybody likes to try new places to eat. Sometimes we listen to the advice of our friends, and sometimes we just take a chance on a new place that just popped up in town. No matter the reason as to why you are trying a place out, there are some things to look at when trying a new BBQ restaurant in St. Charles, MO.

Can You Smell the Smoke?

When you walk into a BBQ restaurant, you want to at least be able to smell the smoke. It’s even better if you can see a hint of it in the air as you walk up to or into the waiting area. Being able to see or smell smoke is a sure-fire sign that this place is serving fresh meat.

Menu Includes All Classic BBQ Sides

When looking for the best BBQ restaurant in St. Charles, MO, you want to go over their menu before you visit. When looking at the menu, make sure they include all of the traditional BBQ sides, not just the unique dishes they have created. Some of the classics to look for include coleslaw, mashed potatoes, potato salad, macaroni salad, and many other sides you will find at any BBQ you attend.

It’s All About the Meat

Great BBQ is all about the meat, including the quality of the cut and the flavor. Getting the best flavor out of a quality cut is all about how the meat was prepared. Ribs will have a caramelized outside with tender meat that is just about ready to fall off the bone. Pulled pork cannot be mushy. It should be tender but not too soft. All meat should include just the right amount of sauce, it shouldn’t be drenched in it. For more information, please visit Hendricks BBQ.

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