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What to Look for in a Vehicle Shipping Company?

Having your car shipped over a long distance? Hiring the services of just any vehicle shipping company isn’t enough. You’ve got to be sure about a few things first:

  • Trustworthiness counts. Can you trust their service? Read reviews. Better yet, talk to people. Ask your contacts. It could be that someone in your network has already used the services of that company. The more you ask, the better the chances of you finding someone who can vouch for whether they can be trusted or not.
  • Who’s doing it? Ask who is really delivering your car. Is it being driven? By whom? Knowing who’s handling your car can put some of your fears to rest, especially if the driver in question has excellent skills and qualifications. Knowing your car is in capable, professional hands makes you worry less.
  • Licenses and certifications. It’s important to know that the delivery crew is experienced and competent at their job. Licenses and certifications can provide customers with a measure of proof, one that demonstrates their professional competence. So don’t forget to ask about licenses and certifications. This way, you know the vehicle shipping company you hired is operating on an entirely legal level.
  • Secure transaction. It takes incredible trust to be able to give out your credit card or payment information to a company. That’s why it matters that you get one you know you can trust, one that protects not just your property but your information as well. You wouldn’t want to deal with companies who freely give out your information to third party sellers. It’s not only rude, it’s bad business practice. So make sure the company has strict policies in place about data protection before you sign up with their vehicle transportation services.
  • Awesome customer service. One example of excellent customer service is the same day response policy. You don’t have to wait days just to hear back from the shipping company, making for zero delays in your schedule. Quick responses contribute a lot to ensuring overall customer satisfaction and helps make the experience positive for many clients.
  • Lowest doesn’t always win. While low, low costs are often a major consideration, it’s not and shouldn’t be the only consideration. If you find a service that has all these but isn’t exactly the cheapest around (nor is it the priciest, though) then count yourself lucky. You’ve found yourself a great choice.


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