What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Extra Long Drill Bits Aug07


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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Extra Long Drill Bits

If you are looking for extra-long drill bits, then you are most likely in need of twist drill bits. These drill bits are the most widely used and can handle a wide variety of tasks and materials. However, since this style of drill bit is so multi-faceted, it is also available in various sizes, lengths, materials and tip types. This can be a little confusing for novice drill users, so we will now go over the different drill bit lengths to make sure the extra-long style is really what you need.

The longer a drill bit is, the weaker and more prone to breakage it is. So, it’s best to avoid using a drill bit longer than you need. Here are the different drill bit lengths and what they are best used for:

Jobber bits: This is the most widely used length of twist drill bit. They are average in both strength and length. The length of these bits is associated with its diameter. In most cases, a Jobber bit’s length will be nine to fourteen times its diameter. Smaller bits tend to have a bigger length to diameter ratio.
Mechanic bits: These bits are shorter than jobbers. They are meant to fit into small spaces and are strong as a result of their shorter length.
Screw Machine: These stubby bits are the shortest bits you’ll find. Made for jobs in tight places that need lots of strength.
Extra Long: Extra-long drill bits can be if eighteen inches. Due to their length, they break more easily than other bit types. Only use an extra-long bit if you really need the extra length.

As you can see, length really can affect how your drill bit performs. Be sure to do your research and get the right bit for doing your project.

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