What You Need to Stay Safe When You Break Down on the Road Near Gilbert, AZ Apr26


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What You Need to Stay Safe When You Break Down on the Road Near Gilbert, AZ

Whether you’re running errands or taking a weekend road trip, it’s important to always be prepared for a mechanical failure or accident. While this doesn’t mean you must know how to do repairs on the spot, you should have a few necessities with you at all times. These items can help you stay safe as you await towing near Gilbert, AZ.

A Small Tool Set

You can avoid having to call for a tow if you have a basic set of tools. Most breakdowns involve a flat tire, but, if you don’t have a jack, tire iron, and a spare, you’ll be out of luck. If you do have some mechanical know-how, having a toolset with you can also help you repair other problems temporarily.

First Aid Kit

You should keep a first aid kit in your vehicle at all times to help you treat a broad range of minor wounds. In addition to the kit, add some clean cloths for bandages, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and medical tape to secure the bandages. You can also add over-the-counter pain reliever to your kit.

Other Supplies

You can put together a small survival kit to help you in case you break down far from town or in the evening hours. This kit should include flashlights with extra batteries, road flares, a few bottles of water, blankets, and jumper cables. You might also consider adding a lighter, duct tape, and a survival knife. If your phone loses its signal or charge, it may take longer to call for towing near Gilbert, AZ. Adding these extra items will help you to be better prepared.

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