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What You Should Know When Shopping for Tornado Shelters in Arkansas

When you live in a state that is prone to tornados, having a storm shelter installed might be at the top of your to-do list. If you are looking for the best tornado shelters in Arkansas, here are some things you should consider.

Safe Room Versus Storm Shelter

While most people automatically assume that they must go underground in order to be protected from a storm, safe rooms can be quite effective as well. As long as your safe room can meet FEMA safety requirements, there is no reason why you couldn’t choose this option rather than the traditional storm shelter. However, if you would prefer to go underground, consider having your shelter installed within your home, such as underneath your garage, for easy access.

Benefits of Indoor Shelters

Not only is a saferoom much easier and quicker to get to, but you can avoid serious injury due to flying debris simply because you are not forced to go outside. With traditional storm shelters being located outdoors, many people have been injured while attempting to make their way to the shelter because of all of the debris, branches, et cetera that are being hurled around.

When looking for a company that provides tornado shelters in Arkansas, make sure you are doing your research, and choose a company that has proper certifications. Your shelter must meet FEMA safety requirements and should be easily accessible. Also, you want to choose a shelter that is not only large enough to accommodate your family, but also food, water and other supplies.

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