Where to Find Every Style of Beautiful Bathroom Fixtures in Auburn, MA

Many homeowners decide at some point to remodel their bathrooms. Most will choose to upgrade the fixtures in the space at the same time. Vintage styled baths are again a popular choice, but there are many different design styles to select that range from rustic to ultra-chic and contemporary. Learn where to find every style of beautiful bathroom fixtures in Auburn, MA.

This Year’s Popular Trends for Bathroom Designs

Top interior designers are opting for larger and more colorful bathroom tile designs. This can give a larger bathroom space that warm and welcoming vibe rather than staying cold and stark. Also, popular now are touches from nature like wooden vanities, shelves and flooring.

High-end luxury touches like heated floorboards and even wood planked cathedral style ceilings, are ideal for a master bath setting. Look for intriguing accents too such as a single chandelier located above a freestanding soaking bathtub or a pair of dropped pendant light fixtures over the vanity.

Consider Installing a Larger Shower with Two Showerheads

If you and your partner enjoy showering together, take a cue from leading interior design artists and install a larger shower stall and add two showerheads for a more spacious and comfortable experience. This look is brilliant with gorgeous marble surfaces and complementary tile patterns on an accent wall.

Transform Your Bath with Focal Fixtures That Captivate

Bathroom interior designers are using floating vanities and recessed storage cabinets, drawers and shelving. Accent this minimalist design style with standout bathroom fixtures from Auburn, MA that draw the eye.

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