Which Is Better, Gold Filled or Gold Plated? Nov29


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Which Is Better, Gold Filled or Gold Plated?

The question of whether to choose a gold-filled or gold-plated item has long been debated throughout the centuries.

A gold-filled product is when a base metal is joined with an outer layer of gold while gold-plated is where a sheet of gold is deposited on the surface of another base metal. The latter is often conducted by using chemical or electrochemical plating.

Compared to gold-filled items, products made using gold plating services are known for their excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. They have quite a high solderability while being an amazing reflector when it comes to infrared radiation.

Furthermore, gold, being a noble metal, will not oxidize or react chemically when applied under various conditions. Its reliable electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and solderability make gold plating an ideal choice for many engineering requirements

Soft gold plating is also often used by manufacturers when the highest gold purity is needed for wire bonding, soldering, and high-temperature applications. The soft external layer of the gold plating deposit allows it to maintain high corrosion resistance and minimal hardness.
Additionally, many companies prefer soft gold plating because of its high chemical applications since it can withstand oxidation even at high temperatures and conditions.

As for the appearance of gold plating, it is quite dependent on the underplate used before the final gold layer is applied. If a matte material is used, you can only expect the final gold deposit to have a more matte look to its final form. Meanwhile, a brightened nickel will result in a gold plating with a sparkling appearance.


Just like any deposit, the luster of the base material that is used has a huge impact on the luster of the final gold-plated product.

Although gold-filled products can look better than gold-plated ones, using gold plating services can result in items with excellent properties that make it a go-to choice in many engineering applications.

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