Why a Wood Pizza Oven in Pleasantville NY Makes the Best Pizzas Oct23


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Why a Wood Pizza Oven in Pleasantville NY Makes the Best Pizzas

Most Americans claim that pizza is their favorite food, so it is no wonder that pizzerias are always looking for improvements. One such experience is to cook the concoction in a wood pizza oven in Pleasantville NY. Of course, the quality of ingredients is also important, but the way it is cooked also tells you something about the food and the company where you purchase it.

Cook Faster

Have you ever called in delivery and waited over an hour (or even 30 minutes)? Most people dislike having to wait long, especially when they’re hungry. Along with such, restaurants don’t like the downtime; they have to wait for you to eat your food before they can clean up and seat others. When they cook the pizzas in about two minutes, it saves a lot of time in the kitchen and gets you in and out faster. Wood-fired ovens can usually heat up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, though many of them only go up to 700 degrees. Either way, the cooking time is lessened, and you can get your pizza faster.

Boosts Flavor

Wood-fired ovens also taste different, and aficionados believe it is a much better taste experience. The enhanced flavors are usually caused by more even heat distribution. However, the wood used also imparts flavor and gives it a smoky and unique flavoring that can’t be replicated using a traditional oven.

More Nutrients

While eating pizza is never going to be considered healthy, it can be slightly better for you if cooked on a wood-fired oven. Cooking on an open flame ensures that the vegetables or fruits are cooked quickly, ensuring that they retain more of their antioxidants and nutrients. Along with such, you can choose healthier toppings, such as pineapple, tomatoes, peppers, and other veggies instead of loading up on meat. For more information visit Wood & Fire.

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