Why Choose Dekton Kitchen Worktops? Jul26


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Why Choose Dekton Kitchen Worktops?

Dekton kitchen worktops are one of the newest crazes in kitchen remodeling. These virtually indestructible countertops are made with the same raw materials used to create porcelain, quartz, and glass ones, but in a different combination. These countertops are fabricated using Sinterized Particle Technology, which creates an easy-to-maintain and hard-to-destroy kitchen worktop.

Withstand High Heat

One of the biggest downfalls to most kitchen worktops is they can’t withstand high temperatures. They are not heat-proof. Most of the time, they are what is called heat-resistant. This means that you can set something hot on them for a brief period, but it is recommended that you always use a trivet. With a Dekton kitchen worktop, they are heat-proof. No matter how hot the dish is, the countertop will hold up to it.

Extremely Durable

Many countertops claim to be durable, but the Dekton kitchen worktops live up to those expectations and more. Whether you are cutting, pounding, standing, or sitting on them, they will hold up under it all. They also won’t stain or discolor like other materials. Plus, no sealing is ever necessary.

Used Indoors or Outdoors

Not all worktop materials can be used both inside and outside, especially in climates with extreme temperatures. Dekton kitchen worktops are one of the few that can be safely installed inside and outside without affecting their durability. No matter how hot or cold the temperatures get, the material will not crack or even fracture. They are also UV-resistant, so no color fading happens either. For more information please visit Marble.co.uk.

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