Why Dental Veneers May Be the Best Choice for Recreating Your Smile Oct07


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Why Dental Veneers May Be the Best Choice for Recreating Your Smile

When you look in the mirror, you realize that you’re not happy with your smile. Your teeth aren’t white enough and are stained from coffee, medicines, or smoking. You want your teeth to shine brightly when you smile, but they don’t. You have tried whitening strips with no improvement and other methods, but nothing works. So, how can you get a sparkling white smile?

How about getting dental veneers in Chicago? These are very thin covers made for the teeth out of porcelain or a composite material. They are bonded to the tooth and can change not only the color, but also the shape and contours of your teeth. Veneers are used to correct several tooth problems, such as:

  • Staining – veneers can be as white as you want them.
  • Chipping – veneer edges will make the chip disappear.
  • Uneven or irregularly shaped teeth – veneers can hide your defects.
  • Gaps – veneers will eliminate the gaps.

Veneers have several advantages, including:

  • they look completely natural.
  • they are well tolerated by the tissues of the mouth.
  • they are generally stain resistant.

Veneers are not fit for everybody. People with gum disease, multiple cavities, or those people who grind their teeth are not good candidates for veneers.

Since the process of bonding the veneer to the tooth requires that the natural surface of the tooth be etched so that it can bond to the veneer, the process is not reversible. Veneers are also not permanent. They can last up to 12 to 15 years before they have to be replaced.

Dental veneers in Chicago are available at many dental clinics. The Art of Modern Dentistry offers personalized dentistry and individual attention. Our experts are professionals in creating perfect smiles. If you are interested in dental veneers in Chicago, visit us at The Art of Modern Dentistry for more information. We can make your smile dazzle.

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