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Why Doctors in Orlando Would Recommend MRIs for Their Patients

Doctors have a variety of tools that allow them to see what is happening inside a patient’s body. This is necessary when it comes to screening for diseases, diagnosing a condition, or monitoring a condition.

One of the most popular tools that a physician will use to create an image of what is happening inside a patient’s body is an MRI scan. Visiting MRI centers and having a scan performed means that a professional will use a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the body.

You may be wondering why you would need to visit MRI centers as opposed to having an x-ray performed. While x-rays have their benefits and have been used for many years, doctors are able to get a clearer picture of what is happening inside your body with an MRI scan. They can see tissues, blood vessels, and organs in greater detail.

Or you may wonder why a doctor would recommend an MRI as opposed to an ultrasound. Ultrasound is another beneficial test that can be performed. However, the still images that they produce are only moderately detailed. Doctors often order an ultrasound first. If it is inconclusive or they are not able to confirm their findings with an ultrasound, they will order an MRI. It creates a clearer image of what is happening deep in the body. It is often recommended when an individual is dealing with a complex injury.

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