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Why Injection Molding Is Key to Your Manufacturing Process in Riverside, CA

Injection molding is used in a lot of different manufacturing settings. It’s commonly found in plants that produce plastic products, such as toys. Essentially, injection molding services work by filling molds with liquid plastic. Learn why you may need to start using this technique in your manufacturing process.

A Little Background

As stated, injection molding services rely on specific types of plastics. These plastics are actually known as polymers. As such, they may be either thermoplastic in nature, or thermosetting. You can apply thermoplastics by heating them and using the melted result. Furthermore, these plastics can be reheated and used again in a different way. Thermosetting plastics differ in that they cure. Once this happens, they are permanently set in place. These are important distinctions to know before you opt for injection molding services.

The Process of Injection Molding

Three components are used in the modern injection molding device. The first is feed hopper. Plastic is placed in this area as either a powder or grain. Next, the plastic goes into the heater barrel, where it is transformed into a liquid form. Finally, the ram pushes the heated liquid into the shape of the mold. The final step is to let the mold cool so that the finished product is removable.

Examining the Benefits

Injection molding actually provides a lot of benefits. For one, it allows you to make shapes that no other process can. It also allows you to create multiple layers or to customize the appearance. In addition, it is an economically feasible way to produce large volumes of items.

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