Why it Is Common to Find Bronze Memorials in New Haven Cemeteries Apr04


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Why it Is Common to Find Bronze Memorials in New Haven Cemeteries

New Haven, Connecticut is home to some of New England’s most beautiful cemeteries. Many include grave memorials created by local monument companies that have been serving the area for generations. The bronze memorials in New Haven cemeteries add elegance unmatched by other materials. As a result, area residents often choose bronze markers during pre-need or immediate-need funeral planning. The elegant metal is popular because it can be customized and will retain its beauty indefinitely.

Bronze Has a Distinctive Appearance

There is always a demand for bronze memorials in New Haven because many families feel the beautiful markers reflect dignity and grace. Bronze gives the appearance of solidity and timelessness. That is why it has long been used in the creation of classic statues. Bronze is an alloy and owes its distinctive appearance to ingredients that include tin and copper as well as traces of lead and zinc.

Bronze Markers Are Easily Customized

Most families know how they want grave markers to look, but have little idea what materials will provide the results they want. With that in mind, clients often schedule consultations with monument specialists to get more information about their options. In some cases, professionals suggest bronze memorials because clients’ cemeteries of choice restrict them to flat markers. Memorial craftsmen can add dignified, artistic designs and lettering to even the simplest marker. Bronze is easy to carve and customize at a later date. Many individuals who are pre-planning arrangements opt for bronze family markers. Details are added as each family member is buried.

Bronze Memorials Are Durable

Clients also choose bronze markers because they will look beautiful for many years with little maintenance. Markers can withstand the harshest weather for decades and still retain their original beauty. Memorials are also easy to maintain. Cemetery workers can mow over flat markers, so there is no need for families to weed. Bronze is also very easy to clean. Unlike materials that need to be scrubbed to remove stains or debris, bronze details can be restored quickly with a quick wipe down.

It is common to find bronze markers in New Haven cemeteries. Bronze is popular because it is easy for craftsmen to customize and has an elegant appearance. It is also exceptionally durable and easy to maintain.

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