Why it is Important to Consider Window Replacement in St. Louis MO Aug12


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Why it is Important to Consider Window Replacement in St. Louis MO

Homeowners can benefit from replacing their windows. New windows allow for a more efficient home. Energy costs are lowered when replaced with energy-efficient windows. A new window also allows for a more clear view of the world outside. There are many more benefits that come with Window Replacement in St. Louis MO. Listed below are the top key advantages.

The Importance of Window Replacement

  • Lower heating and cooling costs. High-performance windows reduce the utility bills annually and also reduce the peak heating and cooling loads. This, in turn, reduces the HVAC equipment sizing, leading to lower costs for the homeowner.
  • Reduces condensation. Window replacement creates a warmer interior glass surface. Warmer surfaces reduce the amount of frost and other condensation such as morning dew that may occur in humid or colder climate areas.

Choosing a Window

Choosing a new window does not have to be a daunting task. Following, is a list of tips for ensuring Window Replacement in St. Louis MO is done correctly.

  • Style. It is important to decide what style of window is needed for the home. There are four main types of window styles: single/double hang, casement, Awing, and slider windows. Knowing what style will work best for the home will prevent having to replace the windows in the near future.
  • Material. After the style of the window has been chosen, it is important to know what type of material will be used to ensure the correct installation. Materials include wood, vinyl, or vinyl clad.
  • Glass. Choosing a type of glass is the last and final step for window replacement. There are many types of glass including single, double, triple, and quadruple pane glass. After the thickness has been determined, be sure to measure the distance between each pane.


It is important to choose a good quality product for your home. Windows are a determining factor that helps to keep the home warm or cool, and also provide fantastic views. Choosing a well-qualified window for replacement can ensure many enjoyable years to come. For more information, visit a local window replacement company, such as A M Richards Glass Co Inc today.

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