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Why Mirror Replacement In Katy TX Is Best Left To A Professional

Whether a homeowner is looking to replace a mirror during a remodeling project or after an accident that left the existing one broken, they should think twice before attempting to tackle the project on their own. Mirror replacement in Katy TX may seem like a straightforward process, but not completing the installation correctly can lead to serious safety issues. Professional glass replacement companies can conduct mirror installation safely, and ensure it is properly mounted and does not pose a safety threat.

Old Mirror Removal

Before the new mirror can be installed the old one will need to be removed, and the easiest way to complete this step is to break the mirror into smaller pieces that are easier to handle. It is necessary to wear protective eyewear and have puncture proof gloves when removing the glass, as a tiny shard can quickly lead to a life-threatening cut. A professional will have the tools to make removal easy.

Mirror Edge

Many homeowners think that they can create a mirror themselves, but not having the right tools will cause a mirror to have an unfinished edge which can cause injury. A company that performs Mirror Replacement in Katy TX will be able to create a finished edge on the glass surface, which will prevent the likelihood of cuts and scratches. Do not use a mirror that is unfinished, as it can have detrimental effects in the future.

Proper Installation

If a mirror is not installed correctly, it can cause it to fall without notice, which can lead to dangerous injuries. It may seem that securing a mirror to the wall is easy, but if the proper materials are not used, it increases the propensity of it falling after being mounted. Even if no one is around, it can lead to the presence of glass splinters on the floor, which can cause injuries to feet and legs.

When a mirror needs to be replaced, be sure to contact a professional. The team at Lone Star Glass offers custom mirror fabrication and installation services and can have any mirrored surface looking great in no time. Contact us today to learn more and see how affordable professional glass work should be.

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