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Why Modern Materials are Better for House Siding Installation in St Paul

Though wooden siding has seen long-term use by homebuilders, it’s becoming less popular as time goes by. There’s a good reason: Wood simply doesn’t offer the value found in other siding materials. Building standards are becoming stricter, and today’s siding must stand up to pests, moisture, and other elements for years. That’s why homeowners are making the switch to composite, fiber cement, and vinyl for house siding installation in St Paul. Read on for a few reasons why modern siding materials are superior to wood.


As deforestation takes its toll and regulations tighten, wood is becoming costlier. Furthermore, the manufacturing process requires more effort and time. For such reasons, wooden siding comes with a higher upfront cost. It’s also pricier to maintain. Though vinyl and other options don’t require much upkeep, wood siding needs continual maintenance.

Cold and Heat

As temperatures fluctuate, wooden siding expands and contracts. While slight sizing changes are okay, wood is particularly vulnerable to temperature shifts, and it’s more likely to crack or warp with time. Modern materials are more resilient and malleable, which means they’re less likely to fail as temperatures rise and fall.

Water Saturation

Wood is naturally absorbent, while other materials repel water. Though wood may shed some of the water hitting its surface, it will become absorbent with time. That leads to cracking, splitting and other damage, which may, in turn, cause mold growth and leaks.


Carpenter ants, termites, and other insects may enter the home via wood siding. Though termites aren’t that much of a concern in some areas, an infestation is still possible. To minimize the chances of an insect problem, choose siding materials that don’t attract pests.


While wood is highly flammable, fiber cement and vinyl are not. Encasing a home in wood siding may make it more likely to go up in flames, while other options are highly fire-resistant. Fiber cement siding is a fine choice because it won’t warp and it’s fireproof.

Local contractors want customers’ siding to last a lifetime. They install a range of materials, including fiber cement, vinyl, and wood composite siding. If an area homeowner wants to weigh their options or get started, they can visit us online or call today for house siding installation in St Paul.

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