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Why Ptsd Patients Should Consider Medical Cannabis In Deerfield

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, affections millions of Americans every day. The causes may differ from patient to patient, but the symptoms can be debilitating, and can often leave the patient feeling hopeless. There are a number of different pharmaceuticals on the market aimed at treating PTSD, or at least reducing the impact of the symptoms on those who suffer. Unfortunately, these don’t always work perfectly, and many carry with them a whole host of negative side effects. Here are a few reasons why PTSD patients should consider medical cannabis in Deerfield as an alternative or complimentary treatment for their condition.

Improves Quality of Sleep

In one study, over seventy percent of the participants reported suffering from fewer nightmares after using medical cannabis. The nightmares experienced by those who suffer from PTSD are intense, and often affect the patient long after waking up. This can cause significant disruptions in sleep, both in the quality of sleep and the amount of sleep the patient is able to get in a night. In turn, this can affect the rest of their lives, as the negative implications of inadequate sleep are well known.

Fewer Flashbacks

Another common but debilitating symptom of PTSD is persistent and disruptive flashbacks. These can often come without warning, and can cause other symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or fear to surface. In the worst cases, these flashbacks can prevent a person from functioning in society. Studies have shown that the use of medical cannabis, with or without pharmaceutical intervention, can reduce the number and severity of flashbacks experienced by a PTSD patient.

More At Ease During Day

PTSD patients often report feeling hyper-vigilant throughout the day, as though they are always on guard for an invisible threat. This can be especially true if the patient is frequently reminded of the traumatic event. Medical cannabis helps an individual feel more relaxed, and in PTSD sufferers this can help them feel calm, at ease, and better able to cope with the day.

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