Why Tree Pruning in Queens County, NY Maintains the Health of Trees Sep20


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Why Tree Pruning in Queens County, NY Maintains the Health of Trees

Trees are a handsome part of nature, and tree pruning in Queens County NY maintains their health and beauty. Trees are able to handle high winds and inclement weather when the weight and branch distribution is balanced. Pruning keeps tree roots strong too.

The Proper Way to Prune

The season trees first begin to grow their leaves, spring, is the best time to prune. Branches begin to grow more and new ones sprout out. Pruning branches while they are growing helps them grow healthy and strong. Autumn is not a beneficial season to prune as trees are more susceptible to pathogen infections at that time of year.

Young trees should be pruned without cutting back the leader. Branches that cross and branches growing in a direction toward the middle are removed. Mechanical damages are corrected with professional tree pruning in Queens County NY.

Tree pruning promotes plant health, enhances appearance, and also promotes safety. If branches are harmed from disease, removing those branches generally stops the disease from spreading. An arborist can kill diseases in early stages and exterminate insect infestations.

Fruit and flowering trees develop at a faster rate after tree pruning. Tree maintenance is also done for those who want them to keep a uniform shape. Trees that are dead or diseased are vulnerable to falls. Dead and hazardous trees can be cut down and removed by Arnoldos Tree Service.

Caring for Larger Trees

Most trees, especially the larger varieties, should stay in their natural form. For safety reasons, trees that are large and tall should be encouraged to maintain their structural integrity.

Crown thinning promotes health by leaving open spaces for light to penetrate the tree and air to circulate. Only the weakest branches are removed.

Crown raising removes lower branches so there is more space above lawns, streets, and sidewalks. This may only be necessary for trees that people walk close to.

Crown reduction removes branches at the top. This would be to lower the height. This is usually only done when the height of a tree is getting in the way of another object. Contact a local arborist to start professional tree care.

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