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Why You Need to Understand Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can completely infest your home before you know you have a problem. That is because many Americans have no idea what the signs of an infestation look like, whether the insects can harm them, or even how they got into the house. However, experts, such as Be There Pest Control can identify the problem and provide bed bug removal in Minnetonka.

Bed Bug Problems Are New Again

One reason that the U.S. is experiencing a rise in the number of bed bugs is that the problem has been fairly rare for many years. Pesticides such as DDT eliminated the bugs, so a generation of citizens grew up without being able to recognize infestations. Then DDT was banned and more Americans began to travel globally. They visited countries with huge bed bug populations and accidentally packed the creatures into luggage. Unfortunately, the insects are sturdy and excellent travelers, so they soon made themselves at home in mattresses, furniture, clothing, and even under molding and pictures. Today customers routinely call for bed bug in Minnetonka, as they realize that they have a problem.

Bed Bugs Can Be Hard to Detect

You may not know you have a problem until you begin waking up with lines of tiny red bites on your body. The insects feed off of blood as you sleep, but are not especially dangerous, just annoying. Their bites itch. They are very tiny and burrow into things. They reproduce very quickly and can be hard to recognize without professional help. Years ago people would throw out furniture and carpeting to get rid of the insects. They will die in extreme heat, so leaving clothing out in the sun can kill them, and modern dryers work well, too. However, bedding often needs to be destroyed, even today.

Bed Bugs Need Professional Removal

Modern exterminators use specially designed pesticides and methods to control and remove the bugs, and customers can often save most, or all, of their belongings. Treatments can involve several visits and even ongoing inspections, but they are effective.

Americans are calling exterminators for bed bug removal for the first time in decades. Although the bugs are hard to recognize and remove, pest control experts have developed methods to eliminate the problem and can often save clients’ bedding and furniture. Visit Be There Pest Control for your pest control needs.

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