Wine Tasting In Traverse City – Consider The Possibilities Jun17


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Wine Tasting In Traverse City – Consider The Possibilities

Are interested in spending a weekend or more learning all about different varieties of wine and how they taste? Would you like to do it without having to go out of the country or by making the trek to California? It is possible if you make arrangements for a wine tasting in Traverse City, Northern Michigan. This region has become a popular destination for wine lovers from across the country.

The Destination for Wine Tasting – Traverse City

Traverse City is located in Northern Michigan. It lies in the microclimate located in an area called Grand Traverse Bay. Here, the weather, soil and other aspects create the terroir, which produces some of the finest grapes in the country. These are then used to provide you with excellent wines suitable for even the most discerning oenophiles. As a result, wine tasting in Traverse City and the surrounding region has become popular – the city being a meeting place for like minds and inquiring taste buds.

Wine Tasting in Traverse City

The region in and around Traverse City has two key production areas. These are the Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau Peninsula. They both have their own wine trails you can arrange to follow. Wine tasting in Traverse City is concentrated in the tours that focus on the growers and producers found within these two regions. You can come any time of the year, but you may enjoy best the times that coincide with a harvest or celebrate a festival.
An excellent time to arrive is during the Traverse Wine and Art Festival in June. You may also enjoy coming during the Harvest Stompede that takes place in the month of September. It depends upon your preference as well as your calendar. Yet, for wine lovers, anytime there is a wine tasting is a good time.

What to Expect from a Wine Tasting in Traverse City

Wine tastings, especially the less formal kinds, allow you to sip and enjoy what the wineries have to offer. Wine tasting in Traverse City means you can sip your way across the producers from two peninsulas. You can try the diverse varietals. You can try local wines that bear their own signatures. You can savor the flavor, bouquet and nose. You can let the wine tickle your palate and decide whether you prefer earthy, fruity or crisp.
There are so many different types of wine for you to try.  You can learn about some of the subtle difference of the products of each winery you visit. Then, of course, there is the pure pleasure of discovering what may become your favorite wine. What more could you possible expect from a wine tasting in Traverse City?

Looking for a way to try wines that are new, innovative and exciting without leaving the United States? Why not consider Wine Tasting Tours Traverse City? This is a trip that will prove to be enjoyable on so many different levels. Check what our customers say about their experience –

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