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Workmans Comp Lawyers Waukesha WI: A Guide to Workman’s Compensation

Workmans Comp Lawyers Waukesha WI are legal representatives who protect the rights of individuals who were injured within their workplace or while performing tasks related to their job. Workman’s compensation is a form of insurance that companies are legally required to possess if they have more than two workers employed within their business. The insurance protects against liability and will cover the cost of injury-related expenditures.

Refusal to File a Claim

Some companies will refuse to file a workman’s compensation claim due to the increase of premiums. Companies that have high turnarounds in which their staff is ever-changing will threaten employees into believing that workman’s compensation will not cover expenses and refuse to report the injury to upper management. Businesses such as convenience stores fall within this category. Store managers receive bonuses based on not only their performance and sales but also due to the lack of incident reports related to employee injuries.


These managers find loopholes to use against these employees such as improper footwear to imply to them that they did fail to follow safety rules and guidelines. They use this loophole to convince the employee that they are ineligible for workman’s compensation. However, in most cases the employee’s injury is eligible, but the manager does not want to lose his or her bonus by reporting the injury. Within such events, the employee should seek counsel from an attorney who handles workman’s compensation cases.

Wrongful Termination

Workmans Comp Lawyers Waukesha WI may additionally handle wrongful termination cases. Take, for instance, the example above of the convenience store manager, the employee could hire a workman’s compensation lawyer to file his or her claim. Unfortunately, more often than not a convenience store manager may terminate the employee once it is discovered that he or she has contacted a lawyer. The manager will then find a loophole to justify why the employee was fired such as not following company policies.

Pinpointing Fault

A lawyer who handles both workman’s compensation and wrongful termination cases will gather information based on company policies and guidelines for workman’s compensation. The Workmans Comp Lawyers will discover this loophole to determine fault and pinpoint the manager’s negligence within the case.

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