Yuck! I Don’t Want That! How to pick out a suitable fish oil for your kid

Anyone who has ever dealt with a young child knows how picky they can be about their food and drink. This makes vitamins and supplements a hit or miss proposition. When it comes to delivering nutrient-rich fish oils, that would be mostly a miss. As a rule of thumb, if they don’t like it, then they won’t take it.

While vitamins and supplements should not be treated like candy, they do have to appeal to the child’s taste. So, when it comes to fish oils for kids, they need a supplement that is made just for them.

Why is Fish Oil Important for Kids?

Fish oil contains DHA. This omega-3 fatty acid isn’t just important for kids after they are born, it’s important for expectant mothers to get enough, too. DHA helps give a baby’s brain and extra development boost and can even boost their IQ after they’re born. DHA also helps with eye-hand coordination and can help to prevent vision problems, depression, and ADHD. The substance is vital for normal brain function and learning, too. That’s a lot of reasons to make sure that your children take their fish oil.

Good Luck with That!

Unfortunately, fish oil is not exactly nature’s candy. Some adults have less than fond memories of cod liver oil and a spoon. Young children may not be able to swallow pills or caplets, and if it doesn’t taste good parents will fight with their hands to get their child to take it. This is why fish oils for kids need to be compounded especially for them. Talk to the holistic pediatrician about the best way to give your child beneficial DHA in a form that they will like. Remember, good nutrition now builds the platform for learning, health, and success later.

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